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Join our Priority List and get the kitten you want!

There is no cost to join our Priority List. These buyers will have first choice on our next available litters!
We try our best to satisfy every client, but we would never risk our queen’s health so our clients could have their kittens faster. Therefore, we cannot guarantee when a new litter will be available. Please complete the form below to join our Priority List.

How does the list work?

Our Priority List works very simply. After completing the Priority List Form, you will be added to our waitlist. When a litter of kittens is born and they begin to show their markings and personalities (approximately 3-4 weeks old), we will contact the buyers on our Priority List in order of enrolment. 

When the buyer receives the notice from the breeder, they will have 24 hours to choose a kitten from the litter. If no kittens match the needs of the buyer, the next client can make their choice. And so on. If following the sending of the notice, the buyer prefers to wait for the next available litter, their name will remain on the priority list until they find their perfect kitten! 

When the buyer chooses a kitten, a $200 deposit is required to reserve the chosen kitten (this amount will be deducted from the final cost of your kitten).

After we contact all of the clients on our Priority List, if there are still kittens available they will then be listed for sale to the public.


Join our Priority List

Thanks for joining our Priority List!

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